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Intermezzo was founded in 1984 as a gallery and shop for contemporary design. The name Intermezzo was chosen as the gallery was intended to be temporary. However, that was almost 30 years ago and  Intermezzo is still going strong and is now an established name among designers and academies of fashion and design.
Besides being a design gallery Intermezzo was (and still is) initiator and inspirer in various external projects . In 2006 Intermezzo started such a new project: ‘Wereldwijven’. Wereldwijven became a succes and can count on broad support.
Due to the expansion of this project and the fact that it could no longer be combined with running a gallery – or the other way around - the gallery Intermezzo in 2010 made ​​place for the Wereldwijven needle craft workshop.
The principles of idealism, social commitment and responsibility remain in the new concept. Also at Intermezzo new style, quality, beauty and uniqueness are things that matter.


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WERELDWIJVEN (women from all over the world), a special workshop for needlecraft

Jolanda Branderhorst, who initiates projects for the gallery Intermezzo in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, was asked in 2006 by the Local Authority to do "something" with the Turkish women who had been seen  carding wool on their doorsteps in the town.
The exhibition that year, VERWEVEN MET TEXTIEL (woven with textiles), with works of design students, was the start of the project 'WERELDWIJVEN'. These students were then invited to make modern day products with the help of women in the region from different cultural backgrounds.

In 2011 the gallery made place for a permanent workshop run by Jolanda in the same beautiful location in the historical town center. As well as making unique cushions of high quality under Wereldwijven's own label, there is small-scale production for designers and the making of business gifts.
Women from different cultures, levels of education, young and old work here on a voluntary basis at times that are agreed with them. Passers-by can call in and have a look. High levels of skills are not necessary, pride in their work, a congenial atmosphere and the aim to overcome language barriers are!


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